8 Signs India Is The Perfect Volunteer Destination For You

India is, undoubtedly, one of the foremost preferred destinations in the world to travel abroad; and the reasons for the same are a plenty. However, when it comes to traveling to India to volunteer work, it requires a lot of contemplation and compliance. For it is during a volunteer travel to India that one is required to show a high level of dedication and sincerity. All that is required is a certain level of compatibility with situations to make sure of a perfect volunteering experience in India.

Here are few such aspects which assure that India is ‘THE’ destination for you to volunteer abroad:



1. You don’t mind the hot summertime

The sub-continent region of India witness hot summer days for most parts of the year. Though, it is divided into other different seasons; such as monsoon, fall, etc. the majority of the months are warm and shiny. And while volunteer tasks vary from project to project, it may require significant time to be spent on the field.

2. Spicy and tangy food is what your palates look forward to

Indian delicacies are known for their use of heavy spices and tangy flavors, all over the world. And although you can always order a customized meal, it is always advised to at least get the taste of a typical local spicy meal so as to feel to be a part of the local community.

3. You are easy to grasp in any level of cultural shock

India is a huge country (the second most populated in the world as well) and constitutes people from various different ethnic backgrounds. Travel from the tip of the North to the bottom of the south; and even the stretch of East to West. What you will find is a huge variation in cultural nuances and traditions between these regions. So if you have a strong absorbent to face the cultural shocks, India is certainly the destination calling out to you.

4. Age old heritage is what intrigues you the most

India is the home to one of world’s oldest civilizations (Indus Valley), continuously inhabited cities (Varanasi), and several ancient educational institutes. Along with this, the country has been dotted with a number of architectural brilliance over the period of time, which today forms a remarkable heritage gamut. Visiting these sites can help you not just as a traveler, but as a volunteer as well.

5. You are not bound by the shackles of your comfort zone

Volunteering India provides placement in different parts of the country, including some at remote locations as well. For example, there are volunteer projects available in Palampur district of Himachal state, which is a township placed atop Himalayan valleys. Such places, although are inhabited by a significant number of people, have limited resources for day to day usage. And although, Volunteering India make sure that a volunteer gets utmost comfort during their sojourn, with all basic facilities at their dispense, adjusting with conditions and zeal to live out of comfort zone is what required deeply.

6. Meeting new people is one of your top hobbies

Fellow volunteers from different parts of the world, local staff at the project placement, beneficiaries of the volunteer project, and other natives you come across during your sojourn; this is the list of people you get to interact during a volunteering trip to India. Getting to know about them, their culture, their likes/dislikes, challenges, etc. is what makes the entire journey a memorable one.

7. You like to travel for a motive

It is one thing to travel for leisure and general tourism, and it is a different ball game altogether to travel for volunteering abroad. While both signify a motive behind traveling abroad, the latter is what reflects a more calculative and strategic move behind traveling abroad.

8. You look for affordable options to travel abroad

India is a country rich in culture, traditions, heritage, and experiences. However, when it comes to looking for an option for budget traveling, India certainly make its mark in the top list. And who doesn’t like affordable traveling after all!?

If you felt a connection with these remarks, then wait no more. Speak with our program advisers at [email protected] and book your spot TODAY. The registration process is open for volunteer work in India.

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