FREEDOM – A Pledge by Volunteering India on India’s 69th Independence Day

On this very day, 68 years back, India woke up to the light of freedom. Colonized by the British Empire for close to two centuries, India struggled its way to finally attain independence on 15th August, 1947. Lead by Mahatma Gandhi, the entire nation volunteered in one way or the other in the fight to freedom; to have what is theirs. Today, the country is entering its 69th year of independence and, in these last 68 years, have constantly and diligently climbed the mountains of development and growth. The struggle is still on and the pinnacle is yet to be achieved.

Volunteering India has actively worked in cohesion for the development of the communities and making the society a better place for living. On the 69th Independence Day of India, Volunteering India pledge to continue its fight against social evils and make way to;


Freedom of Education

Education is meant for all and nothing should thwart the effort of sharing knowledge.























Freedom from Disability

With a strong will, sheer determination, and a little support of humanity, the shackles of disability can be broken into pieces.
























Freedom from Gender Inequality

Both men and ‪‎women‬, together, bring about the social equilibrium. Let’s empower our women to maintain the symmetry this ‪Independence Day‬ and get free from the evil of ‪gender inequality‬.
























Freedom of Expression

Why Confine your Feelings, when you have ‘The ‪‎Freedom‬ to Express’. Shout out loud on this ‪Independence Day‬… Express Yourself freely! The World is Listening.
























Freedom of Dreaming

Ever wondered why we ‪‎dream when we are asleep? Because dreams are not supposed to be controlled or chained in thoughts. Dreams are supposed to flow freely, they motivate you, and provide you a hope to achieve what you want in life.
























We have our guards On! Are you with us? Volunteer in India and be a part of a fruitfully developed society. For more details, contact [email protected]

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