New Year Resolutions Volunteering in India Will Help You Achieve

As we step into a fresh and new year there is one particular thing which is flying over everyone and everywhere; the New Year Resolutions. Be it losing weight, following a strict diet, bettering on time management, or quitting a bad habit, taking up resolutions is the most common thing that happens during the time of new year. However, the will becomes loose and interest fades away as the days pass and eventually many end up not living up to their bolstering promises to self.

Volunteering India gives you ten such common resolutions and a way to stick to your resolutions; by traveling to India to volunteer. This is how it unfolds:

1. Will learn something new

Will learn something new (3)

India is a home to several culture, traditions, and ethnicities living together under one roof. While on a volunteering trip to India, you are ought to learn a lot in terms of cultural and traditional nuances, languages, food, dress, lifestyle, and more.


2. Will improve on time management

Will improve on time management

One of the most common new year’s resolutions that people tend to take; sticking to a schedule. Well, while volunteering under a project in India, you do have a fixed schedule and you do have to stick to it; seriously!


3. Will do a new adventure activity

Will do a new adventure activity (3)

The entire landscape of India sub-continent is dotted with lush green forests, exclusive wildlife, tall mountains, scintillating ocean waters, and you keep getting it as you ask for it. The options for adventure activities in India are a plenty.  


4. Will buy something new and unique

Will buy something new and unique (2)

Every destination has at least one market area in the region which is well-known for its unique offerings and crafts; India has several in each region. Get into any of the known market places in a city in India and you won’t be coming out empty handed.  


5. Will make new friends (not disowning the old ones of course!)

Will make new friends1

So, just because you are traveling solo for your volunteering trip to India, you thought you will remain alone throughout your sojourn? Think again! There are a number of volunteer travelers you will meet during your trip. You might just end up making some new friends for life.


6. Will become fit

Will become fit

In general, a candidate has to work for around 4-5 hours in their volunteer project, and this continues for all weekdays. Over the weekends, volunteers get to explore, go on adventure trips, and anything they want to do over the weekends. That’s a complete week of hard work and exertion.


7. Will start saving money for future


So you want to travel and want to save money at the same time. Then what is the best option for it? Obviously a budget travel. And what else can be the best option for budget travel than volunteering abroad. Accommodation, meal, in-country support, and more; it covers all basic expenses of any expedition.


8. Will spend more time with family

Will spend more time with family

If you thought that, since you will be traveling to India you will have to stay away from your family, then wait till you read this. Volunteering India provides special travel arrangements for family volunteering, where you can, not just travel but also, volunteer with your family. Plus the new ‘extended’ family of friends and locals that you make while volunteering in India is a great add-on.


9. Will take a trip abroad

Will take a trip abroad

Alright! Moving on.


10. Will enjoy life as much as possible

Will enjoy life as much as possible (1)

This one resolution is a bit on the tricky side and is intuitive in form. Philosophically, a person enjoys life if he or she intends to do so, no matter what the conditions are. You will find a reflection of something of this sort in the eyes of the underprivileged while volunteering in India. They may not be rich, but they are smart and jovial to find happiness in everything. Your trip to volunteer in India will teach you this cardinal mantra of life.

Is your resolution in this list? Would you want to add any of these resolutions to your list? Let us know your thoughts. For details about program registrations and more visit Volunteering India Website or get in touch at [email protected]. Have a great year!

  • My new year Resolutions as a volunteer “I will work more and more this year try to educate 10 times more children than the previous year” I think all should do the same in their selective volunteering programs and make a world a better place.

    • Ashwin

      Happy to hear this…Thank you Carol
      An Indian

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