Reasons To Volunteer In Orphanages In India

If you are a volunteer looking for a meaningful volunteer program in India that is out of the ordinary, volunteering at an orphanage may be the best program for you. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should choose an orphanage to volunteer in India:

Volunteer in Orphanage in India

What could be a better time well spent, when you spend it volunteering.

Manpower crunch

According to UNICEF, there were approximately 25 million orphans in India as of 2007. This figure is one of the highest in the world and it keeps on increasing ever year. India has been able to establish different institutions such as orphanages and home shelters for these kids, but one hand cannot feed all. There are many orphans housed in these institutes and home shelters; however, the infrastructure and man power is not good enough to support them. As a volunteer,you can lend a helping hand in the day-to-day activities of these children. Additionally, this can be a rewarding experience for you and the kid alike, as you will positively influence these children to have a brighter tomorrow.

Your chance at philanthropy

Since there is a real need for people to take care and give comfort to the orphaned children in India, this is really a big opportunity to help. If you like to be a part of a program that cares for children, volunteer India orphanage program is really for you. Just make sure that before you sign up for this program, you are already up for the challenge. Expect more work and real orphanage work.

Tour while you volunteer

In exchange for volunteers’ unselfish dedication of their time and effort, volunteer India orphanage programs also offer great benefits. India is a great place with hospitable people, a place where great experiences are waiting to happen. If you take part in volunteer India program, there are a lot of good things waiting for you, more like a reward. You will have a chance to explore and discover some of the best places in India including its famous landmarks such as the Taj Mahal. You will also have an opportunity to meet new people including other volunteers who share the same interest in caring for the children. And most importantly, you can also improve some of your skills like teaching children during most of your stay.

If you have a big heart for children, you can also participate in childcare volunteer programs or volunteer teaching in India programs which are also equally great opportunities for volunteering in India.

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