Recap of Volunteering In India in 2015

Just few hours more and the world will be stepping its foot in the New Year. While there are a lot of new things to look forward to, activities to plan out for, and resolutions to try to stick to, we all are about to leave behind an interesting time spent in the entire year. Volunteering India, like every year, had a great 2015 where it saw volunteers from all ages and ethnicity coming to India to volunteer under different projects. They worked, spread awareness, helped educating kids, shared experiences, laughed, played, and took back a bag full of amazing memories; and left behind the promise of coming back again.

As we enter the new year of 2016, to start fresh, let’s take a look at how volunteering in India happened in 2015;

——————–Warm Welcome——————–




——————–Captured Heritage——————–




—————Colored Life With Happiness—————





——————–Enjoyed Tranquility——————–





——————–Explored Heights——————–





——————–Got Traditionalized——————–




——————–Invoked Creativity——————–










——————–Shared Culture——————–





——————–Smiled Together——————–









—————Volunteered For Good Health—————




——————–Unforgettable Moments——————–



We, at Volunteering India, would like to show deep gratitude for all our volunteers who helped made this year a successful and fruitful one. And we hope to host many more such volunteers in the coming year of 2016. To be a volunteer in India, get in touch with our advisers at [email protected] and give a great beginning to the New Year.

  • Hope in the new year you will be continuing such type of work with more energy. Best thing in India is that while you do volunteering you will experience three things: new culture, spicy food and new friends which I have enjoyed a lot.

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