Tips to be Effective in Teaching English Volunteer Program

Teaching English volunteer program is one of the most in-demand programs for countries where English is not their primary language but is used in business and higher education. One of the places where English-teaching volunteers are much needed is India, particularly in Bangalore.

Bangalore is considered to be the Silicon Valley of India and is one of the country’s most developed cities. English is widely used in many offices and universities in the city. And those who are eloquent in written and conversational English get a better chance of landing a good job, while those who are poor in English are oftentimes left behind. To give poor students equal opportunities to learn English, there are now public schools in India where poor children are taught how to read, write and speak in English. And this is where volunteers take part in teaching children.

teaching English volunteer programAnyone above 18 years old can volunteer in Bangalore for English teaching program because most of the volunteer organizations such as Volunteering India have only an age requirement to apply for this program. If you are a native English speaker, you are more likely qualified to sign up for this program. However, based on past volunteers, even native English speakers may have a hard time fulfilling their tasks under this program. That is because there are some things interested volunteers should know to be effective in English teaching.

It takes more than just your knowledge in English to teach children about the English subject. English can be an easy subject for you, but handling children may not be. You cannot easily teach children about English if they have little or no background at all about this subject. And children have short attention spans. They also have different personalities, moods, and learning capabilities. All of these factors must be taken into consideration when you teach children.

If you like to be an effective volunteer for an English teaching program, you should be able to prepare visual aids and materials that can catch the attention of the children and let them learn while having fun. You could either prepare your own materials or purchase them in educational stores. Children will be easily attracted to colorful visual aids. You can also get their attention if you have interactive games and exercises where they can practice speaking or writing in English. And patience is always the key to having a good teacher-student relationship. You have to stretch your patience especially when dealing with hard-headed students and students who cannot easily catch up.  You have to portray the role of a real teacher. Be strict but compassionate. It is important that you get the trust of your students so that they will listen to you. And make your class as fun, interactive and interesting as possible.

If you like to volunteer in Bangalore or in other places under a teaching English volunteer program, you could follow the tips mentioned above to be an effective volunteer. Visit here for more tips on English teaching volunteering.