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India is a  huge,diverse and multicultural country which also offers a wide variety of activities for travel and culture enthusiasts.  So don’t waste any time whilst you are volunteering there and take up these 25 activities during your stay in India.

1. Go to a local shop and try on the traditional dress. The ‘sari’ for women and the kurta-dhoti and ‘sherwanis‘ for men. You never know, you might like it so much that you may buy loads of them!

2. Sports are rife in India. Try an adventure thrilling sport! From mountaineering in the Himalayas, to trekking through one of India’s marvelous exotic forests, to even water rafting!

3. If adventure isn’t your thing, you could always try cricket: a game filled with national pride and love in the country.

4. If you’re really not a sports person, then just watch the game! You lose nothing.

5. Henna in arabic, or ‘Mehndi’, which I’m sure you’ve heard of before, is the tradition of decorating your hands with a finely intricate red-orange design. You have to try this in one of India’s many local bazaars!

6. Talking about bazaars, you will not want to visit India without taking a stroll through the fantastically unique bustling and chattering streets of bazaars, thick with all manners of trinkets and purchases to be made, from gold and silver, to simple hardware objects.

7. Ride a rickshaw!

8. Visit India Gate on a Rainy Day – Witness patriotism, fun, frolic and a picturesque view of a well known historical site in Delhi

9. India is a beautiful country to visit, see and photograph: Flowery meadows, glistening lakes, and lush greenery.

10. Visit one of India’s 70 national parks, 400 wildlife sanctuaries and 17 biosphere reserves.

11. Festivals: colourful, vibrant, and a proud celebration of India’s culture and heritage. No matter in which season you visit, there will always be one for you to be a part of.

12. Architecture is also a key part of India,for example the Taj Mahal, one of the world’s most prominent heritage site.

13. Take advantage of one of India’s stunning beaches. Goa is a must visit. Marina Beach in Chennai is one of the largest in the world.

14. Take a camel ride in the Thar Desert of Jaisalmer, it may also coincide with the Jaisalmer’s Desert Festival, held January to February, and Pushkar’s fascinating Camel Fair in November.

15. Music is an essential part of Indian culture. You can’t leave without experiencing it, like the sitar, the sarod and the tabla.

16. The same goes for dance, a spectacular aspect in Bollywood and Indian tradition, each embedded with striking costumes and an elaborate array of gestures and art.

17. Try some of the mouth-watering and exquisite delicacies of India.

18. Ride a houseboat on Kerala’s calming rivers.

19. Teach yourself the local language!

20. Walk around and talk and meet the kind people of India.

21. Watch a classic Indian movie.

22. Embrace India’s spirituality- visit one of India’s many relaxing and beautiful temples.

23. Take part in a yoga activity. Bring peace to yourself and destress from all your worries and problems amongst the beauty of India’s landscapes

24. If you’re lucky enough – go to a wedding!?!

25. Go kite flying in Rajasthan

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