Why You Should Volunteer In An Orphanage

Whoever you are, whether you’re a teacher, parent, or young person wanting to make a change, volunteering in an orphanage is a perfect opportunity to make a positive impact on somebody else’s life.

Definition of an orphan

An orphan is a child under the age of 18, or whatever age is considered a minor in the country of the orphan, who has lost either one or both of their parents. This is also true if they have no parents who are able to care for them, either because they are at a loss economically or they don’t have the emotional capability do so, or who have abandoned them without any contact.

working at an orphanage with volunteering India

Side effects

Orphans, especially those who have been abandoned, often suffer hugely for the rest of their lives. They may feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness and feeling of neglect which no matter how they are cared for later in life cannot cure this feeling, particularly when they see other children with their parents. In addition, depending on the circumstances for the loss of their parents, for example a terminal illness or a murder, this can be very traumatizing for a child, and they will certainly carry this ordeal with them for the rest of their lives. This trauma and sadness will in many cases lead to a variety of mental health issues, like depression, which will in turn affect their lives both socially and financially in the future, as finding a job or achieving goals is often hindered by a lack of motivation and purpose in these cases.

What you can give

You can help a lot in a child’s life by volunteering in an orphanage. As well as showing them kindness and nurture which they may not find anywhere else, and will certainly raise their spirits, you can spend  quality time with them which workers may not have time to do while they have so many children to look after at the same time.  You can also play with them, and teach them things that you may specialize in, like a new language or a new skill like knitting.  This will improve the child’s happiness, and lessen their feelings of neglect and trauma, even if for a little while, and all thanks to you- the volunteer. It is also for the most part more helpful to the child if you volunteer long-term as you will give them the sense of stability and enduring care, a sense which they have already been let down on at such an early stage in their lives and which they will not want repeated.


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