Skills You Will Learn Only While Volunteering in India

In a country that has continuously produced world class Engineers, Doctors, Architects, Accountants, Lawyers, Entertainers, Athletes, and the list can go endless, there is certainly no dearth of skill sets. However, when you travel to India to volunteer work for a project, you spend time learning about the insides of the culture and traditions of the country. You not only get to meet the people, but also have close interactions with them, learn about their lifestyle, likes/dislikes, passions, challenges, and a lot more that you may not get to know otherwise; as a regular tourist.

And this provides a platform for you to learn something new, something better from the Indian society; from the volunteer trip to India. Here is what you can expect to learn;


1. The Real Art of Yoga


It goes without saying that Yoga is one art that no other country can teach you well than its own creator; India.




2. Being a Pro in Bargaining


If nothing, you’ll definitely learn to save a few bucks on your next purchase of fruits/vegetables/etc.




3. Wearing a Saree

wearing saree

A must for all female volunteers to learn. You’ll soon realize what edge you have over your female friends back home.




4. Wearing a Turban


Wrapping a long single piece of cloth over your head, with sheer perfection does not comes that easy; certainly not as easy as putting a hat. Learning to wear a turban is an extra-ordinary skill you would acquire.




5. Cooking a spicy meal


It’s a very delicate culinary skill to keep a check on using just the perfect amount of spices for your dish. People in India have been doing this since ages.




6. Singing songs in Hindi

singing song

You attempts to sing the entire ‘Jai Ho’ song from Slumdog Millionaire might soon come true.




7. Eating with your hands

eating with hands

‘Cause the real taste comes when you eat your food, not when you slice it or poke it.



8. Playing the game of Cricket

Enough of football anyway; eh!



9. Being more than just content from what you have


At the end of it all, what matters is only the moments you choose from your life. People in India mostly choose the happy ones; even those living a highly disadvantaged life.




India is the home to one of the oldest and earliest civilizations in the world, and that gives it the command to teach a lot to the world. There may be more, which I may have missed out mentioning in the list above. If you, too, have learnt something from your travel to India and did not find it in the list, do mention it in the comment.

Looking for the opportunity to learn these skills? Simple! Register for a volunteer program in India and get ready for your classes. Our advisers can help you with all the details and queries. Get in touch with them at [email protected]


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