Letโ€™s Take A Look Back At Some Amazing Volunteering Experiences in India in 2017

2017 has been good to us and our volunteering efforts in India have had a great run in this past year. While major events swept through the Globe and the Earth kept on warming, we witnessed thousands of genuine hearted do-gooders, from millennials to retirees flocking to India; Not just to take in the magnificence of this exotic nation but also to help build community impact as volunteers.

Our voluntary workers touched lives, brought ear to ear smiles to some little bundle of joys, bathed with elephants and in return, India gave them a travel experience of a lifetime.
Donโ€™t believe us? See for yourself the amazeballs experience and the fantastic ride that our volunteers have had in India in 2017!


1.ย They went on Yoga retreats in the lap of nature in the Indian Himalayas and camped by snow-capped hills in Palampur.


2.ย ย Our volunteers attacked each other with colors and played Holi like true Indians! They got in on the unfiltered fun of this amazing Indian festival of colors and made some great friends and far greater memories along the way.


3.ย Yes, our volunteers not only interacted with the localites but also learned some awesome skills and crafts from them, like this volunteer learning Rajasthani pottery from a local man.


4.ย Our volunteer Matthew came across a massage monkey in the streets of Jaipur who gave him a nice neck massage after a long day of volunteering work. Nothing but Indians showing some love for all the work heโ€™s doing!


5.ย Helping kids take their first step toward literacy is a different kind of feeling. And our volunteer seems to be engrossed in her work and the progress that her pupil is making in front of her.


6. Talk about unfiltered pictures and unadulterated smiles. The happy faces and ear to ear smiles of both our volunteer and her students tell us theyโ€™ve been having quite fun lessons!


7. A group of our volunteers undertook the river rapids in Rishikesh and had an adrenaline rushing experience rafting down the roaring and revving Ganges.


8. The language of love is universal and that our volunteers prove quite well in their interactions with these underprivileged little souls!


9. Snow, yasss! Volunteers traveled to Manali in the winters and had loads of fun in the powdery snowy peaks of the Himalayas.

10.The famous Titanic pose overlooking the amazingly beautiful Udaipur, minus a Jack in the picture. Our volunteers sure know how to โ€˜Live young and Live freeโ€™!


11. Our volunteers became a part of the daily lives of these gentle giants and made some โ€˜HUGEโ€™ friends out of them!


12. It almost seems like this cheeky, furry fella is high-fiving her! As it is evident, our volunteers made some good friends out of primates as well in India.


13.They experienced Delhi like a local and went monument hopping like a traveler.

14. Our volunteers tasted the thrill of paragliding while volunteering in Palampur and yes, they screamed their lungs out, in excitement!


15. They went down the ‘off the beaten path’ in Himachal Pradesh and explored its hidden gems.


16. Their contributions as a medical intern helped bring a healthy infant into this world.


17. Tracey, our volunteer in Delhi toured Taj Mahal,ย looking like a true โ€˜Desiโ€™ draped up dainty in a saree. Cultural experience.


18. They came, they saw, they ATE. The mouthwatering samosas became a favorite evening snack for many volunteers during their time in India.


19. Happiness is hugging the trunk of an elephant and the elephant hugging you back as friends. Our conservation volunteers in India sure make quick friendship with these lovelies.


20. We asked them to make their lessons creative and they gave fun sing-along lessons to the kids.


21. All aboard a madcap trekking adventure in the Himalayas.


22. Our volunteers explored all of Delhi like true travelers and clicked some awesome pictures like eager Instagrammers.


Last year really unfolded like a magical journey and these are some of the best moments of 2017, courtesy of our amazing volunteers! Say, would you like to be featured in our next #YearInFocus in 2018? Then what are you waiting for, just sign yourself up for a summer program with us and get ready for a fantastical adventure in India!

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