Volunteering India Reviews That Proves It Is A Must Have Experience

It is said that experiences, whether good or bad, remain with us forever. They teach us a lot of things and make us aware of the facts we may have, otherwise, not known. Volunteering abroad is one of the travel experiences that many have gained and have one common feedback to give; splendid! And this level of splendor raise couple of notch when the destination to volunteer abroad is India. While you may think that this is going a little overhyped, we would like to share the experiences of few volunteers who worked under different projects in India and suffice to the claim we just made.



Karin-Kapler during Mini-Break-volunteer-Program in India


“The highlight of my trip was working with the street kids and visiting several marvelous sites; such as the Akshardham Temple with musical fountain and The Lotus Temple. The kids were absolutely wonderful and staff at the project center was great. It was a great experience which I hopefully can repeat any time.”  – Karin Kapler, Mini Break Program (Germany)









“The children were absolutely amazing and it is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. The highlight for me was working for the children and their thirst for knowledge and warmness. They treated me with respect and love and will never forget them.”  – Harjeevan Randhawa, Street Children Program (UK)





“My highlight would be going to play with the street kids from the tea garden plantations. As well as the amazing views of the mountains as a backdrop. First I worked at daycare center and then I worked as a teacher in a school and I enjoyed both the placements. I worked with one other volunteer and we do have nice time together. I had a really great time with the kids.”  – Noeila Silva Clarkson, Mini Break Program (Spain)





“Being with the children was wonderful. The experience made a huge impact on my life and I hope I made an impact on them as well. Everything was very nice. These kids were the reasons I came and I will never forget them. I enjoyed sightseeing as well. Experiencing a new culture was so amazing and I learned a lot. I think my friends would enjoy it so I will recommend this to them.”  – Sarah Dufour, Street Children Program (USA)






“Spending time with the children and getting to see a different side of India was the major highlight of my trip. Every single day I was made to feel welcomed and appreciated, made me value everything I am blessed to have. I have had an experience that I will treasure forever and I am so sad to leave. I will never forget the people I have met or the way they made me feel. India really is a beautiful place, filled with beautiful people.”  – Carys Davies, Street Children Program (UK)


While the list of volunteers, who had an amazing experience while volunteering in India, is much longer, we believe this would have given you a fair idea about what it is actually to volunteer in India. It changes the way of analyzing a travel experience, and makes you value all what you have been blessed with in life. Looking for options to be a part of this yourself? Go no further. Speak with our program advisers at [email protected] and register TODAY!

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