Best Volunteering Opportunities Around Dharamsala

Within the great Himalayan terrain of Indian sub-continent lies the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh. Known for its natural grandeur and tranquil ambience, the valley state is a huge and popular local tourist hot-spot. A small yet significant part of this beautiful state is the mesmerizing region of Palampur, located at a short half an hour distance from the popular region of Dharamsala.

What You Can Do To Bond While Volunteering in India | Infographic

To get the best out of any volunteering stint, one should get immersed into the local lifestyle and do things as the locals do; the same goes for volunteering in India. Here are few things you can do or activities you can get involved in, while volunteering in India, to make it a much more exciting stint:

Teen volunteering

5 Reasons to Take Your Teens on a Volunteer Vacation | Teen Volunteering

Looking for an extraordinary vacation during your holiday then you should consider volunteering abroad with your family or friends. If you are a parent than you should try and take your kid on volunteering trip as these volunteering trip are very helpful for teenagers.

10 Fun Facts About India That You Must Know | Infographic

Millions of travelers and volunteers flock to India every year and enjoy their stay here but how many are of the aware of the amazing facts that the history of this country preserves. Unravel the mystery that is India with these quick and fun facts about the country.

Reasons to Choose Short Term Volunteering in India | Infographic

Volunteering in India is a popular option amongst volunteers across the globe but how can one add to the volunteering experience ? Voluntouring at Volunteering India is the best way to make the most of the your experience in India. The Mini Break Program in India lets you discover the best of India during weekends along with your volunteering. We’ll give you seven reasons why you should volunteer with a short term Volunteer Programs in India.

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