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Volunteering in India – In 20 Photos

India is known to be a colorful country, with its diverse culture and lively traditions. Volunteering in India can take you on a journey where you’ll get to see the real face of this magnificent country. It’ll introduce you to it’s rich history and heritage, it’ll let you understand a common Indian lifestyle, and it’ll, of course, give you a platform to work for the betterment of several unfortunate lives; to make a difference.

volunteering in India

8 Things You Can’t Get Enough Of While Volunteering In India

India is one of the top travel destinations in the world for many different reasons. Those who have visited this incredible country, couldn’t resist giving it a second visit; and then the third, and more.  It’s like, once someone visit India, they just can’t get enough of it, and always return for more. The same has been the case with many of our volunteers who did volunteering in India.

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Top Volunteer Programs To Attend In India This December

Not that visiting India needs a specific time of the year, winter time, especially December, makes it a special one. Adding to the special travel experience are a wide range of volunteer programs to attend in India. What’s more to look forward to are the amazing locations where placement is provided to volunteers in India.

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7 Things Volunteering In India Can Tell You That A Guidebook Can’t

India can be a mystical land, and at some level you would want to know things that come from a non-textbook source. Volunteering in India is one way this feat can be achieved with ease. During a volunteer trip to India, volunteers get to stay, interact, and bond with the local people. This gives them the window to explore a typical Indian lifestyle and get to learn things they might not have been able to otherwise.

Volunteering India

7 Things to Look Forward to While Volunteering in India 2017

There is a strange excitement mixed with several questions wobbling inside the head when planning a volunteering trip abroad. And the same thing goes several notches up when the destination is India. Volunteering in India is a popular gap year activity, taken up by college and high school students.

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