Street Children Volunteer Program in India

All That You Need To Know About Street Children Volunteer Program In India

Before we go ahead and discuss why it is important to be a volunteer for the Street Children Program in India, let’s first dig deeper into this social problem that has been there in the country for decades.

Best Places To Celebrate Holi In India

As the festival of colors is round the corner, everyone is excited making plans about Holi and how to make it more brighter than the previous years. Holi for Indians is not just another festival, but a time when Spring is welcomed after the long winter months and people sort their differences to start everything afresh.

Betty summer volunteer in India

Volunteers In India Had An Experience Of A Lifetime!

India has so much to offer to its visitors that none returns empty handed. Be it the places, or the people, the weather or the festivals, the landscape or the food – everything in India has a charm that is unique in its own way.

Things To Do While Volunteering In Delhi in 2017

The capital city of India, Delhi, has a bowl full of enthralling activities and upbeat lifestyle. One can find a huge mix of different cultures from all across the country amalgamating here.

The city reflects a perfect blend of ancient culture and modern technology. An opportunity to volunteer in Delhi can be a great experience for many who are keen to see the real life example of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

What To Pack For Your Volunteer Trip To India in 2017

Taking a volunteer trip to India is slightly different from a regular holiday visit or a vacation travel. You don’t need to carry much of heavy stuff since everything is readily available and provided to you during the stay.

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