Gap Year Travel to India

How To Convince Your Parents About Your Gap Year Travel To India?

Gap Year is a concept that’s been popularized over the years by students as a way to delay the inevitable start of the rest of their life as grown-ups with a year packed with fun, excitement, chaos, anxiety, and impact! School is over and it’s your time to make a mark in the world.

This is How Spending Gap Year in India Looks Like

India has always been one of the hotspots for tourists, backpackers, and volunteer travelers alike. Many consider India as an ideal destination to spend their Gap Year, as they get to see and learn a lot of interesting things. This short video by Volunteering India will show you why so many volunteers and backpackers choose India and what it is actually like to be and volunteer in India for your Gap Year.

lotus temple in Delhi

How to Travel Responsibly on your Gap Year in India

Spending your gap year abroad is a great opportunity to be able to travel responsibly to other countries you wish to explore. It would be a shame if you just send this meaningful time merely travelling without a purpose.

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