Top Reasons To Volunteer For Street Children

Definition of street children

A street child is a child of any gender who is still a minor and who considers the streets (this includes wastelands and abandoned homes) their place of residence. Street children usually live alone and are unprotected by any form of responsible adult.

8 Myths About India For Volunteers To Know

All of us keep a perception about the culture, people, places, food etc. of a country. India, however, is an epitome for that. Snake Charmers, magicians, Saffron clad Saadhus, Spicy food and what not! For India, stereotypes does not really seems to end. But it is only when you visit India on your own that you get the real picture. And if you too have certain perceptions about India, it’s time to get them straight and clear. Here are some of the commonest of myths about India that needs to break.

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