Volunteering At Orphanage Homes In India: Be A Part

A recent study by an international children’s charity association has revealed that India is a home to 20 million orphans. The worst part about this stat is that majority of these orphans have been abandoned by their parents, and only few have actually lost their parents to death. This, and many other reasons prompted Volunteering India to join hands with several different NGOs and social service centers that work for these orphans, to make life better for them. Here are some of the important aspects of an Orphanage Volunteering Program you must know;


What is it about?

Volunteering India works in consortium with a lot of NGOs and social service centers in the capital city of New Delhi that work for the homeless kids who have lost their parents or have been discarded by their parents at a very tender age. These NGOs provide shelter to these children along with food and elementary education and provide a chance to help them make their lives better.

Why you should be a part of it?

These NGOs and social service groups are of a very small scale and do not get enough funding or resources to run efficiently for long. As a volunteer, you can be of a great help by lending support and time at these orphanages and work for the betterment of these adolescents.

What you do as a part of it?

As a volunteer at the Orphanage Center, your primary tasks will include;

         Assisting children with their education classes.

         Taking extracurricular classes for them.

         Helping them with their homework.

         Educating them about personal hygiene and other important lessons of life.

         Spending quality time with them to make them feel loved and motivate about life.

         Understanding about the requirements at the Orphanage Center and see how much you can fulfill; collectively.

         Assisting the in-house staff in administrative work and maintaining the infrastructure clean and up – to – date.

How does it benefit the children?

The children at these Orphanage Centers comes from the dark ends of poverty and hardships of life. By being a part of these centers, they are being saved from getting involved in any kind of evil act; such as, child trafficking, child labor, begging, and even becoming thieves. They get a fair chance in life to make it much better by getting proper education, food, shelter, and the much needed love and affection from volunteers like you.  

How does it benefit you as a person?

Volunteering abroad is a highly beneficial way of traveling as it is, as it gives a new perspective to your travel experience and provide you with a platform to make your travel much more meaningful. Volunteering under an Orphanage Program in India can benefit you in more than just handful of ways; such as,

         It gives you an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life

         It gives you an opportunity to explore another side of life.

         It lets you understand a country, its happiness and sadness, more closely and clearly.

         It makes you emotionally stronger.

         It makes you realize to be thankful of what you have, and how fortunate you are.

         It provide you the chance to make new friends in the form of these little angels.

How can you be a part of it?

To be a part of this project is incredibly easy. Just drop us a mail or a message in the LIVE CHAT section and we’ll be at your service. From visa concerns to safe accommodation, we take care of everything starting from scratch. You just need to pack your bags and contribute in the orphanage projects for kids in India.  

  • Neera Gaur

    Hi…My name is Neera Gaur and am from New Delhi. I want to volunteer to work for orphans in India. Since I am a working woman, I would love to serve orphans on Saturdays and Sundays. You can write me at [email protected].


  • dolly

    Hi..my name is Dolly and I am from Delhi.I want to volunteer but I am working in a bank. So, would be available on all Sundays and 2nd,4th Saturdays..Please inform me details at [email protected]

  • Pooja Israni

    Hi, I am Pooja Israni and i would like to volunteer to work for the kids in Delhi. I am working so would be able to devote time on weekends. Please suggest if i can be a part of it. Contact me at [email protected]

  • Shreyoshi Dutta

    Hi am shreyoshi …i am from kolkata ..i would like to devort my aftrnoons for these children..as am a teacher i would love to teach them spend time with them plz contact if i am needed. Email: [email protected]

  • Anjana Bisht

    Please contact me ASAP. Really want to join. [email protected]

  • akansha harit

    hii i am akansha i want to join volunteer work india please contact me through my mail id [email protected]

  • Garima Shukla

    hii i am garima i want to join volunteer work india please contact me through my mail id [email protected]

  • Bharti sharma

    Hello ,i am bharti from Faridabad I want to join volunteer work india since i am a biologist student and also work on project name cancer therapeutics. So i would be available on all Saturday sunday. So please let me know if i can join your work..and please contact as soon as possible through my email id [email protected]

  • Sahana Sengupta

    Hi there,this is sahana sengupta.would like to join here as volunteer.please provide me the formalities that have to go through.my mail id is [email protected].

  • Isha Gupta

    My Name is Isha Gupta, would be really interested in joining as a Volunteer..my mail Id is [email protected]

  • Avneet Kaur
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