Volunteering Trends In India [Infographic]

India has been a hot base for volunteering for years now. The industry is growing rapidly. While looking for data across the internet for trends in global volunteering and especially volunteering trends in India, we could find nothing! So, we decided to conduct our own research and come up with a substantial, if not exact global figures. The data we found was good enough to be shared as an infographic. Take a look here:

Volunteering Trends in India

Trends in volunteering in India

Research Methodology

We have 3000+ volunteer count in our database. We segregated our data in to 4-5 major parameters. The findings had some good figures:

GENDER: Women at 70% take up more volunteering projects compared to Men who stand at 30%.

COUNTRY: US takes the first spot at 40% as the country which sends out maximum volunteers to India. Britain and Canada follow suit at 30% and 15% respectively. Rest 15% of the traffic comes from countries like Spain, Germany, Australia and more.

PREFERRED VOLUNTEERING PROJECT: Majority of the volunteers choose childcare programs (50%) to volunteer in India. Medical and Healthcare Internship and other programs like taking care of mentally challenged children and women empowerment stands at 30% and 20% each.

PREFERRED DESTINATION: Dharamshala-Palampur in Himachal Prasdesh, India is one of the preferred destinations (35%) by the volunteers. This maybe due to the fact that Palampur offers good weekend excursion trips and adventure activities apart from the chance at volunteering. However, Delhi being the capital of India receives maximum of volunteers throughout the year (50%). The Southern part of India (Karnataka/Tamil Nadu) receives relatively low traffic of volunteers at 10%; however, the place is laden with exceptional scenic beauty and adventure activities which volunteers can include in their projects.

AGE GROUP: Contrary to the expectations and norms, young people between the age of 17-22, volunteer more (50%).  The working and the people in their twenties follow suit with 30% of them opting to volunteer. This number keeps on decreasing with increasing age.

GROUP VOLUNTEERING: Preference to volunteer in groups is very high. College and University students try to participate in groups. Even colleagues get together to participate in group.

This is pretty much the information we could derive from our research. Let us know what you think of this data. Feel free to share and like. Happy Volunteering 🙂

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