Why Volunteering in India is an All-In-One Travel Experience

One’s destination is never a place but a new  way of seeing things – Henry Miller

Different travelers seek different travel experiences on their expedition. While some look forward to the face the mighty hills and challenging treks, others crave for the serenity of white sandy beaches and the thrills of adventure activities. Along with these, are a set of people who mainly look for the experience of traveling like a local; living, eating, playing, singing, with the local people.

Volunteering abroad is a way of traveling that suffice all these demands (and more) in the most affordable and suitable manner. And when it’s about volunteering in India, rest assured to get an all in one travel experience. How? You ask. Here’s the explanation;

1. It has the mountains… And Huge!

trekking-and-expedition-in India

From the Northern boundaries to the Southern ghats, India has a complete range of hills and mountains wrapped around it. The northern boundaries of Indian region are walled by the mighty Himalayas, which stretch up till the eastern states of the country. The Himalayan ranges in Indian territory forms some of the most breathtaking views in the world. The southern terrains are formed by scaled hills of western ghats reflecting an amazing biodiversity.  Marked with lush green forests, terrains, trekking trails, and more, India certainly has a package full for the travelers seeking to elope into the mountains.  


2. It has the beaches… And Deep!


If you see India closely on the maps, you’ll find that it is artistically surrounded by open waters from its waist below; which means, almost half surrounded by water. With Indian ocean at its disposal, India hosts one of the longest coastlines in the world. While, Goa is one of the globally popular beach destinations in India, there are a series of mindblowing beaches in India for those who just cannot resist the open waters’ charm.


3. It has the adventures… And Extreme!

paragliding in Palampur

With one of the greatest mountain peaks and deepest ocean waters, there can be no dearth of adventure activities in India. Whether volunteering in the northern part of India (Delhi/Palampur) or South India, there are a number of places and activities to take part in. One can go for white water rafting, bungee jumps, paragliding, jungle/mountain treks, village safaris, ziplining, surfing, snorkeling, and the list can just go endless.


4. It has the local living… And Learning!

camel fair in pushkar ajmer

While volunteering in India volunteers get to interact with the locals on a daily basis. Whether it be the local coordinator who guides them throughout the program, the inmates and staff at the program placements, or locals met while exploring the destination. Even the intra-city commutations are done via local transports, going through the lanes and gullies, and markets. The stories that they get to hear, the lifestyle that they get to live, the festivals that they get to celebrate, the food that they get to eat, and the clothes that they get to wear; it all sums up for a great local living experience.


5. It has volunteer work… And Meaningful!


Volunteering abroad adds great meaning and purpose to a travel expedition. India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, but also has the second largest population. There are several compromised sections in its society and underprivileged communities which needs immense volunteer support. Volunteering India provides placements in Delhi, Palampur and parts of South India where volunteers can choose to support from the list of volunteer programs; such as Street Children, Teaching, Childcare, Women Empowerment, Healthcare, and more.


So, what are you waiting for? Why contemplate for hours which place to travel when you have a one-stop-shop solution of every kind of travel experience. Volunteer in India today! For details contact [email protected]

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