25 Pics That Explains The Feeling Of Volunteering In India

A lot has been written about the beauty and charisma of the incredible country of India. Many travelers who visited the country just as a part of their itinerary, found it hard to leave the place; some even chose to settle down. A handful of decorative words and phrases might turn this article into a fancy one, but all that hardly justifies the actual aroma of the land of India.

Volunteering in India is considered to be one of the most effective and justified way to travel India, as it provides a unique opportunity for backpackers and other wanderers to experience the ‘real India’ from up close. And since words aren’t enough to explain the charm of India, it’s better to see yourself and figure out.

These 25 pictures reflect the feeling of traveling in India while volunteering and how it affects you;


1. When they say that India is a colorful city, they aren’t lying



2. Colors of joy that brings out the child in you


3.  The country that remains in a celebration mode all year round


4.  Fitting in to such colorful culture is a celebration in itself



5.  Bringing you closer to the traditions

volunteering in-India

6.  The level of hospitality is on cloud 9 altogether



7.   Such Welcome. So Warm!



8.  “Atithi Devo Bhavaa phrase in Sanskrit, which means, “Guest is God like”, is followed dearly by the people in India


9.   The level of satisfaction of helping others is unparalleled

Dental intern while examining the kids


10. Imparting that precious knowledge with the future minds



11.  Providing the care and affection they deserve


12.  Putting that subtle smile on cute little faces


13.  Painting their off colored life with bright new shades

Volunteer while painting school wall

14.  Dancing to the tune of happiness and tapping feet with the little ones


15.  Such hard work to rebuild a community is the way to show, YOU CARE!


16.  And like every hard work done with complete dedication has its own perks, volunteering too carries some really enthralling add-on benefits


17.  Providing a chance to witness the diversity of the country


18.  Serving you with a plate full of spicy treats and a delicious culinary ride


19.  And you just can’t stop yourself from dipping into the folk carousel


20.  You simply can’t expect not to let yourself embrace the beauty of nature’s crafting in India


21.  And experiencing all adventure adrenaline effects


22.  While walking and exploring the trails to the pinnacle


23.  To achieve the priceless sense of solace and tranquility


24.  And once you are done with all, you understand the real feeling of volunteer travelling


25.  Nothing was ever so rewarding and satisfying


I hope this made things a bit clearer about volunteering in India. However, it is always said that one needs to be at the place to understand and get the real experience of it. Now is the time; pack your bags, do your bookings, and just leave for India. See you on the other side!

For more informaiton on volunteering in India, get in touch with our advisors at [email protected] or visit www.volunteeringindia.com

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