10 Foods In India That I Fell In Love With, While Volunteering

India is a culturally diverse country – something that the entire world is aware of – the various festivals, colorful dresses, varied folk music, and numerous different languages. All these variants justifies the diversity quotient of India.


Agra – The City of Taj Mahal and Beyond

Many people dream of visiting the Taj Mahal, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yet, even though the fact that this monument is located in India is very well known, few can pinpoint Agra, the city of its location.

Outdoor Restaurants In Delhi To Visit While Volunteering In Delhi, India

Winter months in Delhi mean the sun can come out safely, knowing the monsoon have moved away. The temperature is more moderate than in summer, with averages between 12-15 Celsius with occasional cold fronts coming down from the Himalayas. However, the chance to dress up in brightly colored layers is a welcome change from the stifling heat of summer months.Outdoor and rooftop dining thrives in the winter so go ahead, put on a sweater and head out to enjoy a delicious meal in this beautiful capital.

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How To Tackle Pollution In India

India is a beautiful country that awaits to be discovered and explored. However, it is no unknown secret that the country is also heavily polluted. Whether by the fumes of cars, buses and trains, noise, food or water, pollution of all kinds is ever present. Nonetheless, there are ways to protect and/or help oneself from these impurities and thoroughly enjoy your stay while volunteering or visiting this beautiful and diverse land.

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Top 3 Inexpensive Volunteer Programs that Focus on Children

A great way to contribute meaningfully during your Volunteering Abroad stint is to work in projects that involve children. Such projects are not only demanding but also assure lasting fulfillment. By volunteering in projects that focus on children, you contribute significantly in the development of the country that you are volunteering in.

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