Outdoor Restaurants In Delhi To Visit While Volunteering In Delhi, India

Winter months in Delhi mean the sun can come out safely, knowing the monsoon have moved away. The temperature is more moderate than in summer, with averages between 12-15 Celsius with occasional cold fronts coming down from the Himalayas. However, the chance to dress up in brightly colored layers is a welcome change from the stifling heat of summer months.Outdoor and rooftop dining thrives in the winter so go ahead, put on a sweater and head out to enjoy a delicious meal in this beautiful capital.


Situated in the middle of Connaught Place, known as Delhi’s Central Park, this restaurant is spread over 3 floors and their balcony offers stunning views of the market surrounding it as well as the Connaught Place Indian Flag; the largest national flag in India. The lighting at sunset illuminates everything in a golden hue so go with a date or with friends to enjoy a beautiful night out.

Rose Café

Opened throughout the day, Rose Café is a perfect place to share a meal or hang out over light fair. The couches coupled with warm relaxed vibes make it an especially relaxing destination to take in the sun during the day, or stargaze in the evening. The café menu highlights Italian, Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes while keeping their guests’ privacy a priority.

Indian Accent

One of the most acclaimed restaurants in India with a kitchen spearheaded by a well-respected chef, Indian Accent is all about their beautiful, delicious food. A reservation is always recommended and this place is a bit more pricy than most but it will be money well spent. The restaurant offers two porches with available seating as well as a gorgeous garden.

O Palacio Palacio

Although possessing an Italian moniker, this restaurant is known for riffs on Portuguese food. It focuses on grilled dishes and so it can infuse influences from various countries accented with Indian herbs and spices in their courtyard dining area. Sit in a European garden around a Banyan tree, hard to imagine a more multicultural experience.


Considered a favorite among local residents, Gunpowder is ready to completely immerse you in traditional Indian food from the Kerala and Andhra regions. The ambiance is relaxed and unpretentious and their very affordable prices make the experience all the more endearing. Enjoy you’re meal from the balcony while overlooking the waters of the lake at Haus Kas village.

Triveni Tea Terrace

This may be a café but, along with a warming cup of masala chai, you will find traditional dishes typically cooked in various Delhi households. The terrace is attached to the Art Heritage Gallery in Central Delhi so it is a perfect place to finish, or take a break from, a day out exploring Delhi’s thriving art scene.


The French iteration of ‘magic’ strives to deliver on its name at all times, just not on the language part of it. This dining experience is an experience in modern gastronomy and the flamboyant fun side of food. As loud as the food is, the atmosphere counterbalances it perfectly with a calming setting.

Thai High

A rooftop seating area in the middle of the Qutub Minar is landscaped so diners can be wowed by their surroundings as well as be whisked away among the lush greenery. Thai cuisine is their specialty, as the name suggests, and the experience delivers on all fronts.

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