Sapno Ki Duniya (World of Dreams) – by Jordana Trueman

Last year I was lucky enough to take part in an eye opening, heart melting journey.  I was welcomed with open arms and hearts into theStreet to School” Program through Volunteering India. The program aims to provide working street children their rights of survival, protection, development and participation.

Sapno Ki Duniya (World of Dreams) is the mantra for this particular learning and activity centre. The centre attracts vulnerable children who are forced to work on the streets, deprived of their right to the enjoyment of childhood, and attempts to provide them with as much of a childhood and an education as possible during their optimal developmental years.

Knowing the backgrounds of these children, and the hardships they face in their everyday lives, I found the task very challenging emotionally. But, walking into the centre every day I found it unbelievably heart-warming to see the smiles on the children’s faces, and hear their laughter, as if they possessed the whole world and had nothing standing in the way of their dreams.

The moment I walked into the centre I was greeted by each child in a melody of “Didi, Didi, Didi”, the term used in Hindi to refer to a big sister. This greeting was followed by hand shaking and kisses on my hand.  When your day begins with this type of greeting, having an armpit in your nose on your cramped bus journey to get there, quickly becomes a distant memory.

Throughout the day, Emma (another volunteer) and I would spend time with the children in an attempt to teach them their ABCs, numbers and names of objects. For the remainder of the day we drew with them and participated in the most high energy dance parties I have ever taken part in.  In the short time I was at the centre, I quickly learned to put all the insecurities I possessed about singing and dancing aside, as I had discovered this is a universal language, with which I can communicate and interact with the children.

I truly enjoyed spending time with these children and helping to teach them as much as I could. I do however believe that they taught me more about being grateful and making the most of what you have, than I was able to teach them.

I will never forget the amazing experiences I had with the children, the smiles on their faces, their laughs, determination, creativity, imagination, and all that they were able to teach me regarding a joy of life that is measured by focusing on the positive. They will remain a constant in my thoughts.

Photo Moments-Street Children Program

Street Children Program

#Note: This post has been submitted by one of  Volunteering India’s volunteer who participated in the ‘street children volunteer program’. The post has been made as is without any edit work.
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