Medical Internship Programs In India

All That You Need To Know About Medical Internship Programs In India

Well, not to be surprised much, the medical and health care system is India is one of the poorest and as per WHO ratings, India ranks 112th out of 190 countries all across the world.

Volunteer Travel Prorgams in India

Volunteer Travel – The New Way to Explore India

Volunteer travel or ‘voluntourism’ is trending these days. People like to get indulged in philanthropy, but they want to enjoy their travel too. Combining volunteering with tourism is the best possible holiday one can imagine. Popular amongst the students (both from school and colleges) as well the working professionals (corporate volunteering), Voluntourism has quietly shot to fame. According to a poll taken by the Travelocity in December 2008, nearly 40 percent of the total 1,000 respondents plan to include volunteering in their vacation plans. Good idea right!

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Summer volunteer programs in India