Things You Miss if You Do not Volunteer in India

It is said that when you travel to India, be it your first or the Nth visit, you return with a new set of experience and learning. Every visit to this magical country is an experience of a different kind and it never gets enough. Probably this is the reason why so many backpackers and wanderers choose to travel to India every now and then. Even gap year travelers opt to volunteer in India more, not only because it provides them with a great volunteering opportunity but also as it gives them the chance to learn more about the country, up close; something no traveler would ever want to miss. If you are one of those unfortunates who have not been to India yet, here is what you are missing on:

1. The Heights of the Himalayan Range



The North and North-East region of India is guarded by the mighty Himalayan range. While volunteering in India (Delhi/Palampur), one gets the opportunity to experience the adventure of exploring the hills and capture the panoramic view of the area while trekking their way up.


2. The Depth of the River Ganges

River Ganges

A couple of hours’ drive from the capital Delhi will take you to one of the most revered and pious cities of India; Haridwar. Here, the holy river Ganga touch base the plains after traversing 250kms of Himalayan hills. Ganga is considered to be the most revered rivers by Hindus in the country and millions of devotees visit this city to take a holy dip in the river. Even during the peak summers, you will be amazed to find the water to be freezing cold. It is an experience of a kind to find solace amidst the morning bells and chants, and people practicing different yoga asanas at the Ghats.


3. The Warmth of Indian Hospitality

indian hospitality

The set of culture and traditions in India is immensely diverse, and it is because of the people from different ethnic groups present in the country. However, one of the factors that brings together the entire population of the country under one umbrella is the hospitality towards guests; other significant factors being love for cricket and movies. Be it a local guest from the same neighborhood or a tourist from a different country, people in India are known for their enthralling hospitality towards guests.  


4. The Freshness of Nature

india greenary

The lush green forests carved by the Himalayan range are just a part of an entire array of nature’s creativity in India. The National parks with varied wildlife, the coastal regions dotted with beautiful beaches, the landscapes with meticulous plantations and terrains, and more. Experience the nature at its best when you travel across the country.


5. The Taste of Indian Spices


Indian spices are world renown for their refined quality, fragrance, and tangy taste. It was, in fact, from the land of India that the entire trend of spice trading initiated several centuries back. Even today, one can find a rich use of various spices in Indian kitchens to provide a tempting texture to any delicacy. And the taste; well, you really need to try some yourself to get the experience. It just can’t be expressed in words. Wait I’m hungry now!


6. The Adrenaline of Rushing Crowd



India is a home to more than 1.28 billion population; the second largest in the world. This leaves the region with an approximate density of 383 people per sq. kms, which goes to show the mad rush one may witness, especially, during the peak working hours. And although, it may seem as a ruckus of people, blatantly rushing to their work, it is actually a picture perfect view for someone who is looking for that candid shot that reflects the actual lifestyle of the country. Also, seeing so much energy in so many people at the same time is downright amazing.


7. The History of Vintage Monuments and Rich Heritage


India’s is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. And while, the country has been the epicenter for many discoveries that has helped in molding the modern human lifestyle (the number ‘zero’ for example), it has formed a bright and shining heritage over the period of several centuries that is worth learning about. Indian history is intriguingly exciting and one cannot just miss out the opportunity to learn about the stories of long fought wars and brave warriors, artisans and their perfectly crafted arts, scholars and their achievements, freedom fighters and the war for independence, and more.  

You probably now know the extent of loss you were facing all this while. But the good news is, it is still not that late. In fact, it is never late to travel. Just get in touch with our travel experts and book your spot in any of the volunteer program in India, and experience India in its most real sense. Our advisers can be reached at [email protected]

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