This Is The Safest Way To Travel Solo In India In 2017

According the latest report from the World Economic Forum, India ranks 52nd on the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index, laddering up by 13 positions from its previous ranking. This goes to show the potential that India has which is pulling a massive crowd of travelers from all over the world.

However, while reading or searching online, one can find a lot of queries and concerns regarding solo traveling in India, especially for women.


This article has the sole purpose of providing a solution to this common concern of safety in India. So, what exactly is the way to travel solo in India?


Take a volunteer trip to India


Yes! Volunteering in India is a great way to explore this country, understand its lifestyle and culture closely, and utilise this opportunity to make a difference in several unfortunate lives.


But, how exactly does it help in keeping the things in check and make us feel safe as a solo traveler or first time traveler to India?


Well, this is exactly how it happens!




There Is An Entire Organization Involved


The best way to travel to volunteer in India is through a legitimate placement agency. The basic reason behind this is that it leaves you free from all sorts of travel hassles; such as booking hotel rooms, managing excursions, understanding the social behaviours, familiarizing with local lifestyle, etc. Your accommodation, meals, orientation, weekend excursions, and a lot more local activities are all managed by the volunteer organization.


They make sure you have all the important travel documents you’d need for your trip. A professional support team is always there to guide you and sort all your queries for the trip. You do carry a travel insurance with you on the trip, the agency is the assurance that you don’t have to use it.


You’re Not Alone


One of the biggest myths would crack open right on your face, when you arrive in India to join your project. You’ll be amazed to see that you are not the only one taking up volunteering trip in order to explore India.


There are a number of international volunteers, traveling on their gap year or otherwise, to India. This will not only give you a large group to work with (and not feel lonely at all), but also will give you people from all corners of the world to make friends with. Till now, you only had friends from your surroundings, but after volunteering in India, you’ll be having friends from all over the world.


You’ll get to learn about different cultures, languages, lifestyles, food habits, and more. This is more like seeing the world by making just one international visit. The basic point, however, remains intact; you are not alone!


Your Itinerary Is Managed Professionally



Volunteer opportunities available in India are not simply work and no fun! The entire volunteer and travel program is a mix of social work and adventure activities. Over the weekdays, volunteers work at their respective projects, and with the dawn of the weekend, plan the getaway options.


Now, here is the catch when it comes to planning a great weekend getaway while volunteering in India.


The placement agencies have their travel professionals to design and prepare an entire itinerary for the volunteers. The transport, staying, eating, things to do, places to visit, shops to buy, and everything you’d have wanted to do. And, what’s best is that all these activities are arranged at the best price possible. Making the entire trip a highly affordable affair.


You Learn How Things Work Locally


Some of the major reasons for anyone to face an issue while traveling overseas, is lack of cultural knowledge, language barrier, and not getting proper guidance. This is where a volunteer trip takes the baton. During the orientation session, each and every volunteer is provided with all the information about their entire trip, the local lifestyle, etiquette, and more.


There are Hindi language classes conducted for the volunteers to make them acquainted with some regularly used phrases and words. Information about using local transport is provided to the volunteers to allow them enjoy traveling locally.


Similarly, there are a number of activities that a volunteer learns and understand about how things work locally; hence, avoiding getting into any kind of trouble.


So, if you’ve been making plans to visit India and couldn’t finalize yet, this your chance to travel differently and enjoy the best of this incredible country.


Keep Traveling!

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