This is Why You Must Volunteer Under A Medical Program in India

Any kind of travel experience in India has its own unique effect and benefit. Be it a business trip, a leisure tour, a family holiday, backpacking venture, or volunteer traveling; all travel experiences in India are a memorable one. However, what stands out from the league to certain extent is the volunteer traveling. Volunteering India provides a very useful project in the form of Medical Program in India; and this is why one must take this opportunity:


Hands on experience abroad

The very first and foremost advantage of taking up a medical volunteering program in India is the international work exposure that you get. Working with the doctors and the in-house medical staff at a local hospital is a unique experience to get, both, for the students as well as professional practitioners. It helps students in their academics and future career prospects, and medicine practitioners to move forward in their professional career.

Understanding the medical facilities and procedure in India

The medical facilities are of a pretty qualified standards. However, this limits to the metropolitans and tier 1 cities. It is only when you move towards the rural areas of the country, which sustains the maximum percentage of India’s population (close to 70%), that you realize the difficulties and short hands faced by hospitals and village people. Although, the Indian government has been really swift in opening up hospitals for poor people in the village, they are always in search for skilled doctors and passionate volunteers.

Being a helping hand in curing people

As a volunteer under a medical program in India, you can be an extremely useful resource and a strong helping hand to the local village hospitals. The staff, often, face shortage of skilled practitioners and nursing staff. The staff of these hospitals also make remote village tours, the inhabitants of which cannot come down to the hospitals, to spread awareness and conduct regular health check-ups. This can be a great experience for volunteers, to interact which village people and help them releasing from their miseries.

Getting medicinal knowledge of different countries

When you volunteer for a medical program in India, you must remember that you are not alone in it; there will be an entire group of volunteers flying in from different countries. This is a brilliant opportunity to interact and understand the medicinal study structure in different parts of the world, which may be same or may be different. The only way to find out is by volunteering in India!

All these are not just temporary or momentary benefits, but long lasting ones; and, of course, not limited to only these four, but many other. 

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