Benefits Of Volunteering Under Teaching English Program In India

Teaching English as a volunteer abroad is a great deal of experience for many. While imparting and sharing knowledge is an obvious benefit to the society, volunteering to teach overseas is a two way benefit; benefitting the receivers as well as the volunteers. Volunteering India provide great opportunity for Teaching English in India that benefits, both, the kids as well as the volunteers. Below are the benefits attached with Teaching English in India for both:


1. Level of education gets elevated

The literacy rate in India is a decent 75% when taking numbers, which reflects a stable improvement. However, when compared from the rest of the world, a latest UNESCO education report reveals that India stands at 105th spot out of 127 countries in literacy. What is more worrying is that, it’s the children and teenagers from poor and compromised backgrounds that suffer the scarcity of education resources. By volunteering in India under teaching program, you can certainly help in reducing this gap and elevate the level of education that these kids get.


2. Possibilities of getting a better future

English is known to be one of the top most used language to read, write, and speak. Getting a decent hold on English can help many to get a stable job opportunity. For many, just having a subtle knowledge about English language can open doors for a better future and bright career. By being a part of a teaching English project in India, volunteers can make a great difference in the lives of these underprivileged kids.


3. Experience of teaching international

While, a teaching program is highly beneficial for the children, it is equally profitable for the volunteers as well. Volunteering in India as a teacher directly reflects international working exposure in your resume, which can help you in your future career as well as academic prospects. Several companies and universities consider candidates who have volunteered abroad under some or the other project; and if it is related to teaching than it is even better.


4. Learning new ways to handle a class

There are high chances that you are already a professional teacher at a school, back in your hometown. However, when you volunteer to teach abroad in a school, it’s a different ball game altogether. The ways of your teaching needs to be tweaked and molded according to the standards of an underprivileged child in India, and it needs to be kept in mind that they are not acquainted with English language. You will have to find out and innovate new ways to take lessons, which is a learning and huge experience for you as well.


These are just few of the many benefits attached with a Teaching English program in India. And while, the first two are the benefits that the kids get from this program, the latter two are the benefits that volunteers get by attending this program. 

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