A Glimpse Of The Weekend Tours That You Can Enjoy While Volunteering In India

A volunteer trip to India is an enriching journey in itself. Being one of the gorgeous countries in the world, India has attracted millions of people from all across the world, in the past, and it still continues doing so.

The rich culture and heritage, the magnificent architectural establishments, the diverse geographical topography along with the warmth of the people – India will keep mesmerizing you at every point.

Our volunteers have always enjoyed their stay in the country and passionately worked with the locals, supporting them in the best possible manner. The weekdays are usually very busy for the volunteers when there’s enough work to be handled at the project sites. Be it with the children in Delhi or medical camps in Palampur – the schedule is always packed with fixed itineraries.

However, the weekends are free for them to explore the cities as well as to take short trips to some of the most popular destinations. Our team endless works on making these weekend tours as memorable as possible, for the volunteers.

These photographs will give you an idea of how beautiful India is, and you can cover all these places during the weekends, while volunteering in India.

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