What You Get In Return When Volunteer In India

Volunteering work is a selfless activity and is executed to give back to the society. But there are certain things that a volunteer gets in return that are not necessarily, in fact mostly, non-tangible; and, of course, non-perishable as well. India is one such destination that is pretty opulent in this regard, and anyone who is planning to volunteer in India, can certainly expect a list of things to get in return. Here is what you will get in return (whether you expect or not):

1. Cultural and Traditional Introduction


India is a multi-ethnic country with people following different religions and lifestyle. The abundance of festivals is such that the entire country remains in celebration mode all year round. Traverse the country from the tip of the North to the bottom of the South, and you will find a huge cultural and traditional difference within the country. While, all this may come across as a cultural shock for first, you gradually blend into it yourself.


2. Affection and Attachment


The hospitality of the people is one of the first things you will experience after arriving for your volunteer project in India. For the matter of fact, the people in India religiously follow the phrase ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, a Sanskrit idiom which means ‘Guest is Equivalent to God!’ While working under any of the volunteer projects in India, you get to have direct interaction with the natives, and gradually you get really attached with them; so much so that it becomes hard to say a simple goodbye.


3. Experience


The obvious one! Working abroad to volunteer is a practice undertaken by several gap year travelers, which provides immense experience to them that comes handy in their future career perspectives. Also, volunteer abroad is a form of traveling that provides a different angle to exploring and experiencing the destination. And with the country like India, the options are plenty to experience.

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4. Motivation


It is not only when you arrive in India to volunteer that you are all excited and motivated to create a difference in the society, but also when you return from your expedition. Once arriving back to your home country, you bring along the exposure you received during your project. The motivation to continue the efforts of making a difference in the society persists even then, and you are more charged up than ever to plan your next volunteering trip.  


5. Memories


One of the most important souvenir that you bring back from your volunteering trip to India is the set of memories you made while your entire sojourn. The friends you made, the people you met, the food you ate, the festivals you enjoyed, the music you danced to, and, of course, the project you volunteered for. Everything comes back with you, packed in the memory of your camera; and mind.

These were some of the treasures that you receive while volunteering in India, which lasts for eternity. Those who have volunteered in India will know what this feels like, and those who have not, well, it’s time to pack and leave to experience the jubilance. And while, you need to do your own packing, our advisers can help you decide on the most suited volunteer programs in India. Get connected at [email protected]


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