Things Expected From Volunteers In Street Children Program India

Childhood is said to be the best days in a human’s entire lifetime. This is the time when we are open to all sorts of possibilities, with no limit to the extent of curiosities. However, not every child in this world is fortunate enough to fulfill their curiosity or lead a life that they most certainly deserve.

The Street Children Volunteer Program in India caters to a set of such kids who need more than just special attention in order to make a life worth living.

Volunteering for street children in India will allow you to enter and explore the lives of these unfortunate kids who were forced to live on streets and struggle for their survival.

While, some of them were disowned by their parents, and were left to live on streets, due to poverty, others became orphans and were left with no other choice than to hit the street for their own survival.

As a volunteer, thus, it becomes a huge responsibility to take this opportunity seriously and live upto the expectations.

While, of course, one is not burdened with heavy responsibilities and neither is expected to do wonders in a short span of time. However, there are certain things that are certainly expected from a volunteer during their time under the street children project in India.


Be Patient With The Kids

As said earlier, a child’s mind is the most curious one, and yet is like a sponge that absorbs what is given to it. There will be times when the questions rapid fired on you might get tricky to handle, or there may be days when you’re just not in the right space of mind to handle the noises.

All you have to do in such moments is to be keep your cool and be as patient as you could be. You’ll need to understand that having a foreigner amongst them is a great deal for these kids. There might be numerous things they’d want to know.


Understand The World From Their Point Of View

The children you meet at the placement are the ones who have lived an unconventional and unfortunate life so far. For them, the value and excitement of getting a single color pen is equivalent to what it may be for you to have a hot chocolate fudge at Baskin-Robbins.

The point is, there might be several things which you find regular, but may carry a huge value and significance for the kids.


Understand What’s Good For The Project And The Kids Combined

Be it in India or any other volunteer destination, every project requires skilled volunteers who can bring in new ideas to the center and execute them successfully. Having a proper understanding of the program’s objectives helps a lot in achieving this feast.

The same is the case with the street children program in India.

Volunteers need to get a thorough understanding and must be sharp enough to understand what’d work well for the program and how to make it a success.

Check out what the previous volunteers have done in the past and what you can do, and leave, for the upcoming volunteers to take ahead from.


Don’t Get Too Emotional

The most oxymoronic situation you might have to face while volunteering in India.

While, one of the objectives of the program is to get close to these poor kids and give them all the love and affection that they deserve, volunteers, at the same time, need to maintain that emotional distance as, failing in which might make it difficult for them to leave when the time comes.

And it won’t be difficult just for the volunteers but the kids, too, to see them go away. Of course, you can always visit on another volunteer trip, but that, still, would take a gap.


Focus – Focus – Focus

Very very important. The main objective of traveling thousands of miles away from your home to a foreign land for contributing your time and effort, is to make it a success. The focus of the sojourn must and always be the program.

Yes! There will be opportunities to explore the destination, its culture, heritage, food, and more. There will be a options for quick weekend getaways during volunteering in India.

But, what MUST remain in the center is your dedication and determination as a volunteer, towards the project.

These were just a few nominal things that are expected out of a responsible volunteer during street children program in India.

You think you can commit to this? Then book your spot today and make a life better.

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