Volunteering in India – In 20 Photos

India is known to be a colorful country, with its diverse culture and lively traditions. Volunteering in India can take you on a journey where you’ll get to see the real face of this magnificent country.

It’ll introduce you to it’s rich history and heritage, it’ll let you understand a common Indian lifestyle, and it’ll, of course, give you a platform to work for the betterment of several unfortunate lives; to make a difference.

Volunteering India offers placements in several different parts of the country; including the capital, Delhi. While, every destination has its own uniqueness to offer, it is the placement and the time spent with the inmates that makes the real difference; the one that helps make the real memories for life. And, of course, there are other factors attached to the trip as well; such as, weekend excursion with other volunteer mates, local street food, interesting conversations with the natives, hand made artifacts that are more than just souvenirs, and more.

To understand it better, take a glimpse of a typical volunteering time spent in India through these amazing clicks:

















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Can you see yourself in any of these pictures!? Why not make your own memories and have an amazing travel experience this time. Book your volunteer spot now. Register at [email protected]
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