Volunteering in India – An Experience of a Lifetime

In this 21st Century, the concept of ‘voluntourism’ (socially impactful traveling) is gaining much importance, and more than 83% of the millennials are choosing volunteer vacations over luxury tours. 

7 Things Volunteering In India Can Tell You That A Guidebook Can’t

India can be a mystical land, and at some level you would want to know things that come from a non-textbook source. Volunteering in India is one way this feat can be achieved with ease.

7 Things You Will Realize After Volunteering in India

Volunteering in India is a complete travel package that leaves you with memories, experiences, and learnings. However, it all doesn’t simply ends with the program. Once you are back home from your volunteer stint in India there are certain things that you will realize about your entire trip. Things that became a part of your daily routine, things you witnessed almost everyday, things that you had to deal with during your work. And, while, realizations are intuitive, these listed below are bound to strike your thoughts. Take a look;

What To Expect From a Summer Volunteer Program 2016 in India

Summers are the time of year when most travelers, from different parts of the world, take off for holidays. During the same time, high school students and undergrads plan their gap year abroad. This is basically in order to learn and experience different shades of life and acquiring knowledge about several different cultures in the world.

List Of Tasks To Be Done By A Volunteer In India

So you have decided to volunteer in India and are fully charged up to start with your exciting expedition. All set with your tickets, travel documents, passport, shopping, etc. But wait! What about your role at the project? You have registered yourself under the project of your choice, but don’t know what your daily tasks would be? Volunteering India offers a range of projects in four different locations in India, and provide you a collective information about the role you would be expected to play while volunteering under each of these projects. Here is what you will be doing;

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